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In beautiful Southern California, you can grill healthy, delicious food outside year-round. In fact, 45% of grill owners grill 1-2 times per week. Grilling is a great way to prepare meats and veggies when it comes to health and taste.

But frequent grilling can lead to a lot of build-up of grease and charred food on your grill. And if you’ve ever tried cleaning a dirty grill yourself, you know it can be quite the chore.

Grilling on a dirty grill isn’t good for us. Not only does the rancid grease ruin the taste of food, but burning fat releases cancer-causing carcinogens. In fact, eating well-done or charred meat may increase the chance of developing pancreatic cancer by 60%.

Regular grill cleanings help you keep your family’s food uncontaminated by grease, fat and carbon build-up. Our deep cleaning method uses natural products and steam baths to remove all traces of debris, restoring grills to a like-new state and making it easier to keep your grill cleaner.

We’re conveniently mobile – we come to your house and clean the grill in our service vehicle for a no-mess, no-hassle experience.


The Healthy Grillers Club

We wanted to make it simple for our customers to keep their grill cleaner, so we introduced our Healthy Grillers Club. When you sign up, you receive special pricing on regular grill cleanings. There’s no contract, so you can quit at any time.

We keep track of your grill’s cleanliness and contact you when it’s time for another cleaning, so you never have to worry about setting up an appointment again.